Lori Kerr, Custom Cuisine Personal Chef Service

I believe to live well you have to eat well. As an avid runner and Boston Marathoner I know how important nutrition is to your overall well being. I believe in cooking with fresh local whole foods whenever possible. Preparing great tasting healthy meals is my passion!

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Giant Ginger Cookies

ginger cookies,Lori Kerr, custom cuisine lancaster pa

Beat the Monday blues by filling your home with the warming aromas of ginger, cinnamon and cloves.  Close your eyes; imagine bitting into a warm soft chewy ginger cookie as you wrap your fingers around a steamy cup of coffee or tea.
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Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars Custom Cuisine Lancaster, PA Lori Kerr

My breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are often consumed on the go.  Typically my food of choice is a protein bar.  My bars are healthy, tasty and portable.  To provide variety I like to experiment with new recipes.  Below is a peek at my latest culinary creation.  Enjoy!
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Why Hire a Personal Chef?

Could your stress-filled days use some stress-free meals?  Try my convenient personal culinary services.  Your time is precious: hiring a Personal Chef is all about making your life easier!

Customized Menus

All meals are customized to your family’s unique tastes and dietary requirements.  If your household has members with different taste I can design a menu that will please everyone. I create meals for singles, couples or busy families.

Complete Grocery Shopping

I do all the grocery shopping. I shop for the freshest meat and seafood as well as local produce. You enjoy the extra free time and the great tasting healthy meals.


Your kitchen will be clean of all evidence of a chef being there; all except for the pleasant aroma of freshly prepared food.  All entrees are stored in disposable containers so there are no dishes to wash.

Now close your eyes and image coming home from a busy day.  With little effort you have filled your home with the heavenly aromas of your favorite foods.  Sit down and enjoy!